I may or may not have a shrine dedicated to 911s in my house.

Pre-Med in Kansas.
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    Beast Mode #kyushudanji #nsx #wtac

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    Colin McRae / Nicky Grist

    I hope im not the only one that thinks this year of focus is awesome

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    Thank you guys

    we do what we can 

  • The 3rd generation Mr2 was such a let down. 

  • How many dents did you put in your first car?



    Make me feel better about myself

    I rolled a car once

    2 in all of my cars.

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    The game has been stepped up. New wheels on my car.

    now get a black interior 

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  • I’m wearing socks with boat shoes. Don’t shoot me. 

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    i don’t mean to sound like an asshole but i don’t understand why dudes try to race with cars like these hondas and toyota’s lmao if u wanna race buy a real car not a toy

    I don’t mean to sound like an asshole [but i’m about to say something that makes me sound like a collosal asshole]…”

    Is this not a real car? Is it imaginary? If I put my hand on it, will it vanish before my eyes?

    You don’t mean to sound like a dick, but you kinda sound like an asshole.

    This car in particular, and many Hondas and Toyotas, depending on how they’re built could perform on par, or better than whatever it is you constitute as a “real car”. (You’re probably one of those Good Ol’ V8 Boys, right?).

    I could point to numerous examples of Skylines that could lap faster than almost anything you’d choose to race, and even more examples of cars running 9 seconds on street tyres.

    happinessbythespoops the P1 runs a 9.8 on street tires… I think a McLaren P1 would beat any GTR… 

    You don’t say.

    In my rather extended response, me and this person referring to your civilian cars such as the AMG/M-cars/Camaros/Challengers (all of which were brought up by the above person).

    I’m not so thick as to even dream about putting a GTR next a P1 or anything close to that.

    Not once did I mention the P1 or any other hypercar. Such was not the point. The focal point was, as I said, modern passenger cars of comparable price range.

    Actually you said cars running street tires hitting 9’s. 

    Syntax error on my part, I apologise.

    I meant that I could point to numerous examples of Skyline builds of cars running well into the 9 seconds on street tires.

    One of the many situations in which I tried to articulate to the above person whereby a Japanese car is not a “toy” and more than capable of racing almost anything that they defined as a “real car”.

    Oh oh oh that makes sense haha. I was confused there lol.